Send Work

How to export your implant library from your EXOCAD

[Open in Explorer]
go to [DenatlCAPApp] folder-[library]-[implant]
zipped all you implant folder and send it to us.

How to export your scan file in EXOCAD

[Open in Explorer]
And zipped the scan file

How to export your scan file in 3shape

1. Enter 3shape system
2. Choose the scan files and Click right side
3. Choose [advance] and Click export
4. Export complete 3shape order and choose file
5. Export it into your [desktop folder]

How to Import the designed file into 3shape

1. Enter 3shape system
2. Choose [advance] and Click [import]
3. Import complete 3shape order
4. select the designed file you [download] from our system.
* If you download one more time the file, please correct file name befor you import it.

How to Export the implant library from your 3shape

1. Click 3hape Dental System [Control Panel]
2. [Tools][Export and Import]
3. [Import Materials] or [Export Materials]
4. select [manufacturing Processes],[implant system] and [Materials]
5. Export it with correct name

How to send work to SDS

1. Register an account on our system.

2. Log in and upload your scan file( you file should be Zipped before your upload it)

3. All your design will be ready your next day morning.

4. Review the design on our system before you download it and import it.

How to make the payment

1. Monthly payment

2. Digital invoices will be sent by the end of month.

3. Paypal, Visa / Master card, or bank transfer